Add login_hint query param to redirect URL after password change

Is there a way to add the login_hint query params along with iss query params after password change?

Detail Use case: A password change ticket email will be sent to the user. The user clicks on the change password URL changes the password. Then after the successful message, user clicks on the back to button. The user is redirected to the auth0 login page via redirection from the app. On reaching the app (redirect URL), only the iss query param is attached. Is there a way to send login_hint query params? So that the /authorize endpoint hit via the app will automatically append login_hint and the email field will get auto-populated?

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I remember an older thread where someone stated in the comments that it is possible, unfortunately, I did not bookmark the post … I also need this feature so I am actively researching how to achieve this. If you have any updates please do not forget to post here.

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Didn’t get any solutions yet :frowning: Waiting for the reply from the community experts …

Maybe we can try tagging community experts @dan.woda @konrad.sopala @rueben.tiow before this issue auto-closes.

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Hi @bipulthapa10,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Are you using New Universal Login or Classic?

I am using New universal login @dan.woda

@dan.woda I would still be interested in the answer to this question, we are also using the New Universal Login.

I am still looking for the answer to this question. Trying my luck with tagging @dan.woda @konrad.sopala @rueben.tiow again, maybe…

In the meantime, @bipulthapa10 perhaps you could come up with a solution?

I wasn’t able to find a solution for this. It sounds like there is enough interest that you should create a Feature Request.