Redirect To field in verification email lacks common variables

Hi everyone,

Is there any good reason that common variables are allowed anywhere but in redirect to field from custom email templates?

We have to segregate users from our stage environment (used for dev, stage and qa) but it’s impossible to redirect them to their origin. What is according to you the easiest way to achieve such switch based on the current state of auth0?

Thanks for your time answering!

Hi @mruffieux,

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Unfortunately, you are correct that you cannot currently access common variables. I am not sure of the reason, but what I’d suggest is making a request in our feedback category with details of your use case so that our product team can evaluate the update:

I believe the only way to differentiate the users from different envs when using the same tenant would be to set up different applications for each env so that you could use the variables that are available ( / application.callback_domain).

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