Redirect On Password Reset not working

After hitting the “Don’t remember your password?” link in the login page, I successfully get a “Password Change Request” email with a link to the password reset page.

Then, upon entering a new password and hitting the button, I get redirected to a “Your password has been reset successfully” page instead my hoped-for redirect to my app.

I tried a bunch of things and nothing seems to work. I have looked at the Auth0-Community link covering this topic (Why is password change/reset redirect not working?) and it indicates that if I use the Classic Universal Login the “Redirect To” field in the password change email template is used, and for the the New Universal Login that the “Application Login URI” / “Tenant Login URI” is used.

I have set all three of these to my desired URI (“Redirect To”, “Application Login URI” and “Tenant Login URI”)

I don’t find anything in the actual Password Reset Template that gives me any “handle” in the HTML to set this, so I assume that it is supposed to just redirect if above fields are populated.

What am I doing wrong?