Redirect me same login page

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Original Domain: DatabeanStalk - Sign In

This is a login page of laravel auth. When I am try to login then It will redirect me same page.

//custom controller login method
public function login()
        // echo "<pre>"; print_r(Auth::check()); die();
        if (Auth::check()) {
            echo "test"; die();
            return redirect()->intended('/');

        return App::make('auth0')->login(
            ['scope' => 'openid profile email offline_access'],

//sdk callback functions
public function callback()
        // Get a handle of the Auth0 service (we don't know if it has an alias)
        $service = \App::make('auth0');

        // Try to get the user information
        $profile = $service->getUser();

        // Get the user related to the profile
        $auth0User = $profile ? $this->userRepository->getUserByUserInfo($profile) : null;

        if ($auth0User) {
            // If we have a user, we are going to log them in, but if
            // there is an onLogin defined we need to allow the Laravel developer
            // to implement the user as they want an also let them store it.
            if ($service->hasOnLogin()) {
                $user = $service->callOnLogin($auth0User);
            } else {
                // If not, the user will be fine
                $user = $auth0User;

            \Auth::login($user, $service->rememberUser());

        // echo "<pre>"; print_r($auth0User); die();

        return \Redirect::intended('/');