redirect: false doesn't work first time

I’m not sure if I’m making a beginner mistake here, but I’m trying to use lock10 in popup mode in a SPA. It seems to always redirect my app the first time I try to login with google/facebook, but when I come back and try again it uses a popup.

try it here: Brandmark - make your logo in minutes

steps to reproduce:

  • on firefox 57.0.1 osx or safari

  • open private tab, go to above url

  • click on register/login, then google

here’s my code:

<script src=""></script>
	  var lock = new Auth0Lock('2yt-Sc9Cv425g3KjjAu89GHbMsym9uqi', '', {
		container: 'auth0',
		auth: {
		  redirect: false,
		  responseType: 'token',
		  params: {
			scope: 'openid profile email'
				  initialScreen: 'signUp',
				  theme: {
					logo: '',
					primaryColor: '#6ECCDF'
				  languageDictionary: {
					title: "Sign up to save your work"

edit: can also reproduce on safari (in private window)

I still don’t know the cause, but after a few hours of playing with it I found that I have a variable “var name” in the global scope. If I rename this variable the problem goes away…