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Lock 11 fails when redirect set to false



Just updated lock 10 to 11.

When initializing the lock with redirect set to false, instead of getting a proper authResult w/ token etc, back we get the following


and the lock popup shows an error, although the authenticate call shows a 200. Also the logs at Auth0 don’t record an error or login.

changing redirect to true fixes this, but we handle our own redirection so we require that it is turned off.


below is the initialization.

  lock = new Auth0Lock(getAuthClient(), getAuthDomain(), {
    auth: {
      audience: getAudience(),
      responseType: "token",
      redirect: false,
      sso: false,
      params: {
        scope: "openid profile"
    theme: {
      logo: "/assets/img/dc-auth-lock.png",
      primaryColor: "#32bce7"
        closable: false,
    rememberLastLogin: false,
    autofocus: true


Any update on this I have the same issue with lock v11. Thanks all your help.


Are you using an AD/LDAP connection and what version of Lock 11 are you using?

We had a similar issue that was resolved in Lock 11.1.2

Here was my post:


Dear @kjkyle I am using “auth0-lock”: “11.2.2” with Angular 5, nothing extra just simple user management via auth0 manually created users.
Sometimes was working, but after a point just got back this errors and warning
![alt text][1]
I added localhost url below to the Allowed Web Origins area.
Thanks your quick feedback!


Ahh I have found what was the issue. I assumed when I use redirect: false with lock, then I do not need to provide callback url. This assumption was wrong! I have to put my http://localhost:8201 url in popup mode case as well.

Thanks for your help!


Dear @kjkyle

Do you know what {"login_ticket":"...","co_verifier":"...","co_id":"..."} means?
I started to receive just those login tickets with 200 status code, and the ‘WE’RE SORRY, SOMETHING WENT WRONG WHEN ATTEMPTING TO LOG IN.’ error in auth lock dialog. If I recreated the same user and still cannot log in (email verified).
Thanks for your help.


Thanks kjkyle for the suggestion. I’ve updated and the problem still exists. No we’re not using LDAP. Just a simple login trying to get the token but not redirect.

The search continues…


Dear @darren ,

Keep your eye on the Logs dashboard where you should see all authentication logs. If your lock popup not closing due to some error message on the popup a detailed problem description should be in that Logs table (there is a delay to be visible).

Can be missing callback domain urls or missing user consent in case of localhost.
If you have problem in localhost you need this:
This was the solution in my case.

I hope this helps, if not please provide more details what is not working :wink:


I’m experiencing this problem with Lock 11 and Angular 6. The authentication request seems to succeed on the network, I get a 200 response with a JSON object like { login_ticket: “stuff”, co_verifier: “more stuff”, co_id: “yet more” }. But the Lock popup just shows “WE’RE SORRY, SOMETHING WENT WRONG WHEN ATTEMPTING TO LOG IN.” and nothing further happens. Nothing is showing in the “Logs” dashboard.