Receive params in Pre User Registration Action

I was searching how to pass data or query to pre registration flow, but i found another topic talking about it: Accessing Query String Parameters in a Pre-User Registration Action

The way i found to do that is using:

    redirectUri: callbackUri,
    scope: 'openid profile email custom:meta',

So, i can access the array in event.transaction.requested_scopes and do something based on that.

Documentation ref:

But probabily is not the best approach.

Can someone guide me, if is possible to pass a object or string custom to this flow?

Hi @alexandro.oliveira , welcome to Auth0!

This approach is valid and documented.

scope and the corresponding requested_scopes is a standard param.

The doc (Accessing Query String Parameters in a Pre-User Registration Action) refers to additional key:value query parameters added to the /authorize request.

For reference, to see what I mean by additional key:value query parameters, please take a look at this topic: Oauth/token request payload custom key/values

Please let me know if we can answer any other questions on this topic!

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From what I understood, indeed, apart from the scope, it is not possible to pass dynamic objects or strings to the pre-registration, right?

And regarding being documented, does that mean this approach is recommended for this case?

Hi @alexandro.oliveira , I updated the link to the ref topic in my last replay.

That’s right. In the pre-user-registration flow, you can reference to the request context data listed here: Actions Triggers: pre-user-registration - Event Object

The requested_scopes is one of the supported methods and it can be used in the flow.

Ok, for this topic, this is enough.

Thanks for supporting me.


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