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Receive "Invalid request: unknown login ticket" when try to authorize

I have embedded Lock form in my own login page. When i try to log in, i get “unknown login ticket” error and that’s all.
“Block third-party cookies” in chrome is disabled, it act the same in different browsers.
I don’t use custom domains.
Url of login page is provided in application “Allowed Callback URLs”, “Allowed Web Origins” and “Allowed Origins (CORS)” settings.

Hey there @vitaliy.skripka23, what version of Lock are you using?

We often see this as a result of Cross-Origin Authentication doesn’t work if third-party cookies are disabled.

As discussed in these docs your two options are use Custom Domains or provide a Cross Domain verification page.

Please let me know if this helps you in your quest. Thanks!

Thanks, @James.Morrison !

lock version - 11.17.0

Third-party cookies are enabled.

Previously it worked without custom Domains or Cross Domain verification. I just provided cors domains and that’s all.

Now i just switched from create-react-app template to custom webpack config and it started returning this error.

Following up here @vitaliy.skripka23, can you direct message me your tenant name so I can take a deeper look at what may be occurring here? Thanks in advance

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