Realm for webauth.login()

My use case is user login use the hosted lock page but a special demo account logins in automatically. I’m happy to use a ‘demo’ user in the Auth0 users database.

The auth0js docs say we should use .login() in out SPAs and not LoginWithCredentials, even though this is no listed in the detailed AUth API docs.

I cannot figure what value of realm to use. If I leave it out I get the error

  "error": "server_error",
  "error_description": "Authorization server not configured with default connection."

but I cannot find any way to specify a default connection for the client.


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To answer my own question the realm is actually the connection name and the one that was created for me was called “Username-Password-Authentication”.

Was buried deep in the docs at Call Your API Using Resource Owner Password Flow


Thanks a lot for sharing that! I’ll relay that feedback to appropriate team!

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