React widget and CORS issue


I have set up Auth0 for the login for my company. Everything works as needed with the out-of-the-box redirect to Okta domain login but I’ve been stuck on setting up the login widget.

I’ve been trying to follow this custom-login template in this Github repo, GitHub - okta/samples-js-react: React Auth SDK sample. I have it running on localhost:8080 but when I try to login, it gives me an error message saying ‘Seems like logout API call resulted with CORS error. You may need to add your origin http://localhost:8080 to list of trusted origins in your Okta Administrator DashboardRead this guide for more info.’.

The documentation is old but I found in my Application where to all Allowed Origins for CORS and I did add http://localhost:8080 yet it still doesn’t work.

Can someone please help?