React SDK logout of all subdomains

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Version: ^1.6.0
Platform: Chrome: 103.0.5060.114

Problem Description:
I have two call back urls “” and “*”. Users initially are directed to where they then login. After login they are then redirected to “{workspaceid}” (workspaces available to a user is data inside of app_meta which I pull and redirect to their workspace). Users can have multiple workspaces and can switch between workspaces (users are not having to reinitiate login either during this switch).

This works except the logout. Using the sdk logout from useAuth0 will only log the user out of the current subdomain they are on but will not cause a logout in “” or in other subdomains. How do I implement this where clicking logout will log user out of all active sessions for any subdomain “{workspaceid}” and “”

Also having the same issue here.

@parlir did you figure that out eventually?

I decided to avoid using subdomains. I believe a solution is to write a custom logout server side using auth0 authentication api. Namely using something like this
to invalidate all the users cookies on browsers. But I haven’t explored this fully.