React Native Auth0 Possible Unhandled Promise Rejection

In setting up samples, I’ve made some progress with the docs, but I’ve come into this error.

Possible Unhandled Promise Rejection (id: 1):
TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating '_yield$getCredentials.accessToken')

I haven’t worked much with react-native. I would love to get tips on the best ways to debug in it and hear of good resources that you can recommend to

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Can you share with us what quickstart / SDK / docs are you using so we can help you troubleshoot that? Links will be super helfpul!


I have the same issue.
I am following this sample app:

I get the error in the onLogin function, on the “getCredentials”-line:
const onLogin = async () => {
try {
await authorize({scope: ‘openid profile email’});
const {accessToken} = await getCredentials();
Alert.alert('AccessToken: ’ + accessToken);
} catch (e) {

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I found the solution by myself.

I didn’t pay attention on this warning from the tutorial:
This SDK is not compatible with “Expo Go” app. It is compatible only with Custom Dev Client and EAS builds.

I am using indeed the Expo Go-App. So I switched to Custom Dev Client and EAS builds, and this was the solution. The step-by-step how to do this is here:

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Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!

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