React application not receiving user profile


I am new to react and auth0; I have successfully implemented the basic user login and log out using Auth0 by following the documentation.

Before I go ahead and integrate APIs, I would like to do a client-side authorization. For that, I configured the authorization plugin and setup up some roles, permissions, and groups. I have also assigned the same to a user.

But when I check my user object returned from react-auth0-spa.js it does not have the groups or permissions;

Also when I test the rule this is what I am getting

Any help in this matter will be deeply appreciated, thanks in advance!

Hey @sandeep.nair, Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I am assuming you are using the Authorization Extension for assigning the Roles, Permissions and Groups to the user, in your Authorization Extension there is a tab on the top with Configuration, once you click on Configuration it will display some toggles indicating to add Groups, Roles and Permissions to your user object, might be worth checking if they are enabled.

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Dear @sidharth.chaudhary ,

Thank you for the response!

Yes they are enabled, here are the screenshots