Rate limiting error from fga

We started to get this error name":“FgaApiRateLimitExceededError”,“statusCode”:429,“statusText”:“Too Many Requests” which we haven’t gotten before. Any idea how to resolve this?

Hi @daniel25

Welcome to the Auth0 Community. I will change the category from Help to Okta Fine Grained Authorization and ask the team for help with your case.


Hi Daniel,

We’ve decreased the limits for the free plan for Okta FGA in preparation for General Availability, which will be announced soon. You san see the new rate limits here Subscription Plans | Okta Fine Grained Authorization (FGA) Docs.

Where did you get that error? In the dashboard? When making an API call?



Hi Anders,

Thanks for the response. We get this error when, making api calls

When calling /check?

In any case, it’s likely because the ‘Developer Preview’ stores transitioned to ‘Free Trial’ when we move to GA, and the rate limits were lowered. However, the stores that Ledge was using still have the previous limits. Are you using a personal account for the store?

Yes, we’re calling /check. It’s weird that you’re saying that we still have the old limits cause this error is coming from Ledge’s stores.

Are you sure we’re not rate limited on those?