R Shiny app opens infinite tabs when using auth0 locally on port 8100

I have a R Shiny app where I am trying to use auth0 locally on port 8100.

As soon as I run the application it opens hundreds of tabs on chrome for logging in. This behavior does not happen when the app is deployed on R Studio Connect.

The app runs smooth locally if I remove auth0 so I know that the problem is not with the way the application is written.

Also, for reference, when my default browser is Safari, I can see the url refreshing indefinitely for about 10s before it takes me to the login page. It doesn’t open multiple tabs like chrome does but I’m assuming the underlying issue is the same and safari just handles it better.

Any clues why this might be happening ?

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Go to the top right corner of your RStudio, Click on ‘Run App’, and select ‘Run External’.

This fixed this issue for me. It will directly open the app in the Browser and the Auth0 window should show up without opening multiple zillions of tabs.


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