Questions on Passwordless Authentication

Hello Community,

I am looking to implement a passwordless login in my Ionic (angular) app. I am missing an understanding of basic steps, sorry for the noob questions as I am new to Auth0.

I want to enable SMS passwordless Login to my Ionic App, so that a registered user can be authenticated by sending an SMS code to their phone. This Ionic (angular) app is supported on the backend by Flask Restful calls.

Here are the questions that I have

  1. For my use-case Users cannot signup themselves, I want to build another app from which Admins can register users. How can a new user be programmatically registered?
  2. I want to protect Flask API endpoints by only providing responses for authenticated users, How to accomplish this? Will Auth0 Passwordless provide a token to my Ionic(angular) app when User successfully authenticates by using a SMS in this Passwordless flow? Can my Flask endpoint be able to validate the authenticity of this token?

Sorry again for the noob questions.


Hi Reddy,

You can use the management API to create uses (from your app).

When users log in, they get an access token that can be used for your Flask API access. We have a quickstart for this;


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Thanks John for sharing this!

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