Questions about "Scopes per API" limit

Trying to confirm my understanding about entity limits

  • Scopes per API - 1000 : This is for the requested scopes from an audience and not about total number of scopes/permissions that can be defined for an API, is that correct? Found another reference

Hello @samkit welcome to the community!

This is indeed referring to the number of scopes/permissions that can be added per individual registered API in Auth0.

Oh!? The other post I have shared reference to, says there is no documented limit for how many scopes can be defined per API.

I was hoping to define basic entity level permissions and then define permissions to limit access by groups.
For e.g.
Entity level permissions : create:posts, delete:posts, list:posts
Grouping permissions : board:some-board-1, board:some-board-2board:some-board-n
A user (X) can have have permissions like this : create:posts, delete:posts, list:post, board:some-board-2, i.e. X can manilulate posts on some-board-2.
Clearly, the number of boards will exceed 1000, exceeding the limit for permissions per API

Hey @samkit thanks for following up! I am guessing things have changed since that post (2019) given the API are indeed now documented in the entity limit documentation.

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