Question about social login

If I have my user login in with google auth2, is it possible to change their name, nickname or any of the other root attributes?

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Yes, it is possible to update the fields mentioned above for the user using Google social login, but you will be required to disable the “Sync user profile attributes at each login” option within the social connection’s settings.

The following documentation has more info on that:

By default, user profile attributes provided by identity providers other than Auth0 (such as Google, Facebook, or X) are not directly editable because they are updated from the identity provider each time the user logs in.

To be able to edit the name, nickname, given_name, family_name, or picture root attributes on the normalized user profile, you must configure your connection sync with Auth0 so that user attributes will be updated from the identity provider only on user profile creation.

Once disabled, you should be able to use the Management API to make updates to the root attributes of the user.

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Thank you, I am now able to edit users nicknames.

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