Query Parameters for Hosted page

is there documentation on the query parameters that can be passed to the various hosted pages? I am particularly interested in both the login page as well as the guardian page?

Hey there @alex7, I apologize for the delay in response.

One of our senior Engineers touched on this subject in the past which I will share a quote below:

Generally, one way to pass data from the login page/redirect on your site back to the callback URL is to use the state parameter (explained here ). OmniAuth does all the state setting and validation behind the scenes but I’m sure you can extend that to store your own (base64 encoded hash), which will be validated automatically. Then, on the callback, retrieve, decode, and use the custom values.

On a side note, we also have documentation on passing parameters to Identity Providers here.

I will keep this topic open for another ten days just in case you have any additional questions on this front. Thanks!

Another way is to use additional params in the authParamsMap like this:

      authParamsMap: {'myAdditionalParam': 'something'}

which would then be available under config.extraParams.myAdditionalParam in the hosted login page. Though originally meant to be used to pass a non-standard parameter to an upstream IdP, it would also work for this use case.


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