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Hosted login page @@config@@ object and query parameters




We are trying to implement an account linking feature. This will be implemented in ruby using the omniauth-auth0 and auth0-ruby library.

For the login page we are using the hosted login pages. We are currently stuck on how to pass configuration parameters as query parameters to the /auth/auth0 redirect URL.

For each type of account login, for instance Facebook or Google, we only want to show that login method on the login page. So when a user clicks on a button “Link Google account”, only the google social login should be available. This would also mean we would like to customise the login page title and not remember the current logged in user.

In the Lock code of the hosted login page, you can see different configuration options that handle these settings (or so we think):


But we are unable to find how to pass these settings as query parameters. We can’t find any documentation which settings can be overwritten directly, or if we need to pass the on as extraParams or even how to pass them as extraParams in the query string.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Perhaps some custom code is needed on the hosted login pages as well?

Kind regards.