Publish Types for Writing Auth0 Actions in external IDEs

This is a duplicate of Public type definitions availability and Types developing actions locally.

I would like to be able to develop an Auth0 Action in my local IDE that I use for the rest of development (Vim and VS Code, in my case). That way, I can write unit tests, integrate it with CI, etc.

I would like to have code completions available for the Auth0 types (e.g. PreUserRegistrationApi). These are available in the web editor in the Auth0 management console, but they are not published to NPM anywhere.

The auth0-actions NPM package seems to be an individual’s attempt to recreate a subset of the definitions for actions for this purpose.

According to the response to the last forum post, this was added to the backlog. Has it been selected for development?

Hi @isaiah.inuwa,

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I don’t have any additional information on that backlog item. It looks like it hasn’t been picked up.

Thank you!

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