Public type definitions availability

Hello - this is a duplicate of Types developing actions locally, but unfortunately nobody replied to that question.

Are the types used within the Actions editor publicly available? For example, the event type as defined here: Actions Triggers: post-login - Event Object.

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Hi @jamieparkinson,

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Can you give an example of what you are looking for? I can reach out to the team.

Thanks for the quick reply Dan - the online editor for Actions very helpfully has built-in Typescript definitions for the Actions environment, but these aren’t (as far as I can see) published anywhere to be used outside of the editor.

We - and I imagine many other teams - write our Actions elsewhere, store them in version control, and deploy them to Auth0 as part of our CI process. Having the type definitions available to install as a dependency (and as mentioned, we know they must already exist) would be of huge benefit for this.

Thanks for the added context. I reached out to the team and I’ll let you know what they say.

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This has been added to the backlog.

Does this help?

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Thanks for following up on that Darin!