Provide SSO to load a external website in mobile app by Federate Auth0 with Azure B2C

We have a company mobile app and external website. Currently , the user logins to the IOS mobile app using the their credential provided by Azure B2C. We would like to load an external web application with IOS mobile app , the user has a different set of credentials provided by the external identity provider. We would like to provide a single sign on experience , where the user only login in to the app once and when the app load the external web app , they should automatically login.

Here is my thought of achieving this in a high level , has anyone done this in the past to be able to help with this

  • Federate between Identity Service Azure B2C and Auth0

  • Inject the auth session from mobile app into the web view.

  • Using Auth0 library to validate AzureB2C generated Token

  • Create JavaScript to automatically kick off the authentication flow for social sign on with Azure B2C
    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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