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Authenticate iOS to our Website


We have Auth0 built into our new iOS app. We want to allow users on iOS to also be able to authenticate or create accounts that are stored on our website. We have SAML2 and other SSO already enabled on our .NET website. We can also do web service. The users are authenticating to the AUTH0 app now, but how can we build a connector back to our website. Is there any documentation.


Hey @excellapay !

Can you elaborate a little bit on your usecase cause I’m not sure if I got i correctly cause from your description it seems like you simply want to have SSO (user logged in in the app is also logged in in the web), or am I missing something?

Here are some of our guides on SSO and Universal Login:

Let me know if that helps!


We have SAML identity server running * v4 Server on our side. We want Auth0 to not store users/ pwd on Auth0 side, we want to pickup the UserID and preferences from our app. This way users can authenticate to the App with the same credentials as Web and get their Web settings.

I believe we need to setup an Enterprise SAML connector on Auth0. Is that correct.


Sorry, now I understand you usecase thoroughly. Yes that is correct.

The things you need is called Federated SSO. Federated SSO authentication is delivered by default giving your users a seamless experience as they login once and get access to all applications. You can read more about it here:


Thanks. Is that setup in the SAMLP configuration?


No problem. Yep SAML is one of the configurations you can use


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