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problem with wordpress plugin



Hello, i’m using your Wordpress plugin, and can’t seem to make it work with the Auth0 Authorization extension.

I need to set a couple of groups of users and assign them roles based on their group. For example i have a group of users that can see a specific page and all other groups should see a different one.

I’ve set the user groups. Added the test users to the groups. And if i try to login with that user (while the groups for that user are set) i get this error message in the address bar: Invalidauthorizationcode.

The user is not logged in and the procedure repeats itself again. There are also times that i manage to bypass this message, but i receive another one: “There was a problem with your log in There is a user with the same email”, and no, the “Merge users with the same email” option in the Auth0 Login plugin does not fix the issue.

The app_metadata before i add the group to the user looks like this:

“app_metadata”: {
“authorization”: {
“groups”: ],
“permissions”: ]

after i add the group the array is correctly added to the object:

“authorization”: {
“permissions”: ]

At this point the login fails as described. If I remove the “user” from the groups, I can login as expected.

I’ve configured the API for Non interactive Clients, set the correct scope, tested the connection through jQuery, everything works fine.

Also, i tried the same thing with a test angular app and it works great.
What could be the problem, why can’t i log in with my test user?


This is being handled in: