Private Cloud Deployment for Enterprise version of SaaS

TL;TR: is it possible to use the Private Cloud Deployment on multiple installations of our SaaS?

Hi, I’m in the following situation and I need your help:

Our SaaS app has an enterprise version, which can be deployed on a network without inbound/outbound connections.

For no inbound connection auth0 could work, but because we use github/gitlab social connections, auth0 needs to reach these to exchange tokens and get userinfo, and this doesn’t work without inbound connections.

For no outbounds connection, of course, won’t work.

At first, I was looking on how to make our own auth process using auth0 + doing the social OAuth and finally create/update users on auth0 and somehow to force a login or something like that with auth0 to sort of imitate what auth0 does now, but inside the closed network, but then when the CEO told me - “ok, we may have a total closed network”, I realized auth0 won’t work unless is Private Cloud deployed.

The question is: is it possible to pay for an Auth0 enterprise account and use the Private Cloud Deployment on any of our “private cloud or on-premise installations”?

(I think it isn’t needed to explain that paying for an Auth0 enterprise account for each of our on-premise installations won’t be possible :cry: )

Thanks and love Auth0 :heart:

I may be misunderstanding, but for the case where network allows outbound requests the token exchange step in social connections does not seem problematic as that is a request that starts on the service (within the network and going to the outside) assuming a private cloud deployment. However, it’s important to note that private cloud deployments can only be deployed to a network of your choice within an AWS environment you control. In other words, it does not allow for fully on-premises deployments as it expects AWS and they also expect to be managed by Auth0 people.

In addition, if the multiple deployments of your software into each customer implies that they can’t use a shared private cloud due to each having their own network requirement then as far as I’m aware this would require separate enterprise subscriptions. However, for anything pricing related you should reach out to our sales team for a definitive answer.

When having no inbound and also your social connections (Github/Gitlab in this case) are Enterprise installations, Auth0 can’t connect to them to do the OAuth (exchange token and get user profile).

Anyway, finally one sales representative answered us and seems like the enterprise version of Auth0 is being removed, so, seems like we’ll have to stop using Auth0 and migrate out to our own auth process :sob:

Thank you so much anyway @jmangelo