PostUserRegistration action creating a mongo document

I am trying to create a new user document in my mongoDB after a user signs up for the first time. I saw on another post that this code could be used to insert a document but the execution time gets exceeded. Im guessing its not able to connect successfully but not sure why. I Have my secret variable as “mongodb://localhost:27017/{myapp}” and i have mongodb installed as a dependency. Is there any way to tell if its getting connected ?

const { MongoClient } = require("mongodb");
exports.onExecutePostUserRegistration = async (event, api) => {
   const newUser = { username:event.user.username, authSub: event.user.user_id };
  const client = await MongoClient.connect(event.secrets.MONGO_DB);
  const db = client.db();
  await db.collection("users").insertOne(newUser);

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The connection URL of your database (the param passed to connect) couldn’t be localhost. Where are you hosting the database? It should be a publicly available endpoint that the Auth0 server can reach out to and connect with.

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