Post registration action firing for all users & no OTP being sent

In my staging tenant I am having the following issues occur.

  1. The post registration action is firing everytime regardless whether the user already exists or not.
  2. I am using passwordless and I am not getting any OTP being sent.

These problems do not seem to be occurring in my production tenant, only in my staging tenant.

Hi @jordansh,

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First, I have gone ahead and tested the Post-User Registration Action and did not find the same results. During the sign-up flow, I found the Post-User Registration Action only execute for non-existent users (new users). Given that, I can confirm that the Post-Registration Action is working correctly.

Next, I understand that you have not been able to get your OTP sent to you when using Passwordless.

Could you please elaborate what type of Passwordless you are using, if it is SMS or Email?

Thank you.

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Hi Ruben, both issues appear to be fixed after I added my own email provider. I am not sure why but it appears that when using the Auth0 email provider, if that ever fails it seems to break the actions.


Hi @jordansh,

Thank you for your prompt response!

Yes, there recently have been latency issues with the built-in Auth0 email provider. In general, the Auth0 email provider should only be used for testing purposes.

In this case, I strongly recommend you to use a custom email provider, which you have already done.

Doing so will resolve the issue related to email latencies or disruptions.

I hope this addresses your concerns, and please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you.


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