Post login action: "api.saml" not available?

**Feature:**Post Login Actions. “api.saml” property

Description: the documentation for post-login actions references a property called “api.saml”: Actions Triggers: post-login - API Object. my interpretation is that this property should allow us to customise the SAML response before sending it.
Other documentation and community posts, however, claim that this is not possible- so i am skeptical.
Whenever i try to use the “api.saml” property, the action fails with the error “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘setAttribute’)”.
Has anyone successfully used this feature? have i misunderstood it? can anyone explain?

Use-case: we have to move from rules to actions. Rules can modify the SAML response, but actions?.. unclear.

Same here.

The behavior I observe is the same, and the api.saml in the document returns undefined when I actually run it.

Update: I actually spoke with Auth0 support yesterday who said:
No, this feature is not yet available, but SHOULD be available by the end of August (2023).

Very confusing for customers!

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Any update on this?

Same error testing this as of 5th Sep 2023

I found an article with an update on August 31.

And it looks like it was changed to api.samlResponse instead of api.saml.

I was able to confirm that this SAML mapping works for my project.

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I can confirm ‘api.samlResponse’ worked for me.


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