Possible to shorten magic link URL length?

Is it possible to have something like an auth0 bitly short link sent in the validation email?

Actual behavior:

Using the Auth0 passwordless flow where users are sent a ‘magic link’ to use to sign in, the semi-default template has a “click here” button (great) and then says “or sign in using this link: …” and is followed by a very long URL in this format:


In total the URL is 800+ characters.

Expected behavior

The email validation includes a shorter URL. For example:

“Sign in by clicking [here] or using this link: https://auth0.com/signin/abcd1234xyz&email=your-email@example.com. This will expire in 5 minutes.”

Hey there @techieshark,

At this time there isn’t an out of the box way to shorten the Magic Link your users receive. That being said, this could be a great asset as a feature! Please go to Auth0.com/feedback and share your use case so our product team can directly request your request. Each request is read individually by our product team and help shape the future going forward in our product roadmap! Thank you.

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