Possible to customize href attribute in new UL widget?

New UL widget

I’d like to replace the OOTB destination of the widget’s “Sign Up” link to our own page on a per-application basis.

This will support a “create account” UX that includes identity verification before admitting the user to the New UL’s “create account” UI.

Is customizing this HTML href attribute within the widget possible? We use a custom domain and customized login page templates.


– Bill

Hi @bill.white,

That is not currently possible with New UL.

In order to achieve this exact flow, you will need to create your own UI.

I will say, this type of flow typically occurs in the opposite order, where a user registers with Auth0 and is then prompted to follow an additional signup flow for your application. You could achieve the secondary signup flow with a Redirect Action. This would allow you to use New UL.

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