Popup mode + loginAfterSignup: false do not seem to work together

Hi everyone

when doing
loginAfterSignup: false,

and (popup-mode)

auth: {
  responseType: 'token',
  redirect: false,


the users are still tried to login after signup:

Looks like it to me

Is this known?
Do I mess up somewhere?

The Problem was “loginAfterSignUp” vs “loginAfterSignup”.

After adding the “For email verification” rule the text in the screenshot above is shown with “loginAfterSignup” - also no error when one passes it.

Could probably be improved.
@James.Morrison (sorry for unsolicited mention / notice - sorry if your’e not the right guy to tag).
(Would post PR to website if it were public :slight_smile: )

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Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!

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