Plase add PhantAuth (Random User based test OpenID Connect Provider) to OpenID Connect Playground

Please add PhantAuth (Random User Generator + OpenID Connect Provider) to OpenID Connect Playground as server template.

PhantAuth It is ideal for testing OpenID Connect workflows since it doesn’t require any client or user registration.

PhantAuth was designed to simplify testing for applications using OpenID Connect authentication by making use of random generated users. Like Lorem Ipsum, but for user accounts and authentication.
Check PhantAuth Developer Portal for more info:

I forked playground’s GitHub repo, implemented the required changes, and created a PR:

Please merge this pr and deploy to

Hey there @iszkiba!

Let me connect with some team which can potentially look through it. I will get back to you once I have info to share!

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Hi @konrad.sopala!

Is there any progress on this?

I will let you know once I have any updates @iszkiba!