PKCE Authorization code grant without using browser agent?

Hi Auth0 Community
First of all thanks for the support you guys have been providing to make our job easy.
Now coming to my question, Actually I was trying to build authentication in secure way for native iOS/Android sdks using Auth0, PKCE looks me prominent one as it does not use client secret that is my exact requirement. Basically I want to have Auth0 Client and without having secret I want to get access token internally within my native sdk to do further apis calls in secure way, As these SDKs will integrate with mobile applications so I don’t want my sdk to open browser to do hip-hop when app initializes my sdk,The way iOS/Android Auth0 sdks those does not ask client secret but just client-id and domain name is enough same way we are also looking for, what internally it is using no idea if any one knows that ?
OR Is there is any way to implement exactly PKCE but without use of browser or any similar alternate protocol ?

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