How to use Authorization Code + PKCE flow in react-native-auth0

We are building a new react-native app and are trying to find an example of how to use the react-native-auth0 package to use the Authorization Code + PKCE flow. The package seems to be pretty basic supporting only a few options for authentication, of which authorization code does not seem to be one, or maybe I’m misunderstanding how the Authorization Code + PKCE flow is supposed to work.

Can anyone offer guidance on how to use this flow with the react-native-auth0 package?

Hi there,

  1. I have 100% working Auth0 PKCE login flow here GitHub - sokol8/Auth0PKCETest: making Auth0 PKCE flow work for Metabolic Compass project

you only need to change some settings in Auth0Settings.plist to make it work for your OAuth client.

If you have iOS background you won’t have a problem to translate things into your ReactNative app

  1. The example app code need some polishing yet but the thing is working

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