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Custom connection using authorization_code flow?


We’ve successfully configured a custom social connection for WeChat. However, the default OAuth flow is using a QR code. This is fine on desktop, but on mobile this doesn’t work of course.
WeChat has a different flow for this for mobile, using the authorization_code flow:

How to do this?

Is this related topic useful? How to use Authorization Code + PKCE flow in react-native-auth0


Sorry a bit more background;
we want to use Auth0 both for our SPA and our Xamarin app.
in the SPA it’s fine, but the Xamarin app doesn’t work due to the QR code.


Have you tried looking into the solution proposed in that related topic you mention above?


No, as it’s Swift / iOS with which I don’t have experience.
Plus I’m not sure how to integrate with Auth0. How to connect the WeChat Auth flow with my Auth0 native mobile application?

Also, the term PKCE is new to me…


No one? :frowning: We should be able to use WeChat on mobile, right?


:wave: @roland I haven’t had a chance to try setting it up wechat (web or mobile). You are correct that the web version needs to be QR code scanned, so I don’t believe we can use the same flow for mobile. I’d need some time to look into this.


hi @kimcodes thank you, did you have any luck looking into this? WeChat is very popular in China, but we can only use it if it works on mobile (Xamarin) as well.


@kimcodes any update please?


Hi @roland

Im trying to implement a WeChat social connection as well, however I keep getting oops something went wrong page when testing. I can’t find any examples online for the implementation, would you please be able to share your WeChat connector login code?

Many Thanks


@roland @notorious-asa-c unfortunately at this time the limitations with the WeChat platform and the way the authentication is implemented will preventing us from developing a secure solution. If in the future there is an alternative to the QR code, something like username/password, we could then user a standard web or mobile flow would be possible.

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