Persist Logins on Brave Browser

Currently, running into an issue when using the Brave browser it doesn’t seem to persist logins on page refreshes on a SPA application. I am able to login and get authenticated. As soon as I refresh the page it logs me out. When I click the login button I have set up similar to the example it logs me in right away. However, when I run this same flow on Chrome it works fine. I am thinking possibly the Brave browser is blocking third party cookies.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @simon4980,

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It clearly seems browser related concern. I just try this on brave and it works same as on chrome. Review your browser cookies and cache management section once.

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Yep and let us know if that made any change to the behaviour of the browser.

It looks the setting cross site cookies blocked is causing the login to fail on page refresh. Is there any way around this if a user has this setting enabled? I think this setting is on by default with Brave. I am doing all my testing currently with localhost:3000

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