Permissions (Scopes)


I need help. Which permissions (scopes) do I need if I want to do the following?

  1. Write in the local SQL server database
  2. Get the username (ex.: HttpContext.User.Identity.Name)

Thank you!

Hey there @dotaolaoqua !

  1. This is really outside of the scope of Auth0 scopes - This is more related to your own application’s logic and how you manage it.
  2. If you are looking to use an SDK method like HttpContext.User.Identity.Name then the user will need an ID Token. This will be included if the profile scope is passed in however you are authorizing users. If you are instead referring to using the Management API directly with a Management API access token then you will need an access token with the read:users scope to hit the get users by id endpoint.

Hope this helps!

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