Getting stuck on the scope stuff it seems

Hi there,

I am starting with auth0 just now and read through some documentation and quick starts. The technology I am working in is .NET Core.
I started a web application and followed some instructions, leading me to the point that I actually can log in to the application and see some general claims like picture, email.

However, I do not get assigned scopes. My web application is set up in Auth0 with a connection to 2 API’s, and my user has been assigned a specific role, that has some permissions set for an API.
I wanted to see the scopes assigned to the user in my web application, but they are nowhere to be found.

I guess, that if my web application would do a http request to the API, the API does see the scopes in the JWT token received there (not at that point yet), but shouldn’t I be able to see the roles of the user in my webapplication?
That way, I could disable some buttons in the application, based on the user’s roles.

Any ides on this, what am i doing (or understanding) wrong?

Hi @nico.degraef,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

This ID token doc will demonstrate the different ID token configs and what can be requested without a custom claim.

With custom claims, you can add whatever information you want to a token (within a certain size limit). This is a great way to add something like a role.

This doc explains how to add user roles to an ID token.

Let me know if that doesn’t answer all of your questions.