Permission scope not all returned in access token


We request an access token for our Angular SPA, based on the total roles there are > 100 permissions that are attached to the token.

This was working previously with all scopes returned in the access token when decoded using

When decoding the token now there are exactly 100 coming back in the token with about 20 left off.

Was there a recent change in auth0 that is affecting this ? How can I have all my permissions in the access token.

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HI, Also have these issues. The access token contains only 100 permissions however, the user has more than 100.

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Was this previously also working for you byrakham?

Yes, this previously worked for me, maybe a week or two ago the access token contained all permissions (>100)

And tried to remove the user, add him again, and add the role, however, the ‘permissions’ tab of the user management panel does not contain all role’s permissions.