Missing permission (scope) from the token if the user has more then 53

Hi All,

I run into a weird issue. We have multiple microservices so we have several permission (scope) in our APIs. If a user get all of the permission (like a Super Admin) and I check the scopes in the token I’ll see only the first 53 scope. Scopes are in alphabetical order and I just get the first 53 scopes… I’ve tried to add more and nothing changes (only 53). If I reduce the number of the scopes everything is fine.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Any idea about that? Or could someone confirm me this issue? Thanks in advance!

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Hi @rczjns,

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From what I can find, there shouldn’t be a limit on the number of scopes per se, but you may run into token size limit from the browser.

Take a look at this post that talks about a similar scenario:

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