PayPal Login

I’m trying to do a social login with PayPal and other social logins. The other social logins work perfectly, but when I initiate with PayPal I get the error message:

Looks like this action is not supported. Please return and report this error so that we can support it in the future. (invalid client_id or redirect_uri)

The client_id and redirect_uri, along with everything else, are exactly according to spec.
Any insight?

The information available is not enough to provide definitive answers, but assuming that the client identifier and redirection URL are indeed correct then the thing that comes to mind would be if you’re using the correct connection type. For PayPal there’s both PayPal and PayPal Sandbox so if you configured a client application in a sandbox account and are now trying to use the wrong connection type then the client identifier will indeed be invalid because it was configured for the other environment.