Auth0 with vipps integration using social

Hello @team I’m trying to integrate Vipps payment using social . I filled proper details but unfortunately, i got an error when I try to logging I get successfully logged into Vipps for a while redirect something gets weird

  "error": "invalid_request",
  "error_description": "null"

could you please help me?
I also tried with the openID method to integrate Vipps but there shows client_invalid as a response

Hey there!

Unfortunately at the moment we do not offer any guidance on integrating Vips with Auth0. I would highly encourage you to advocate for that by providing feedback through our Feedback category here:

Maybe this tutorial will help you

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I cant seem to be able to fetch the users phone number.

I get the birthdate, but not the phone number.
scopes: openid name phoneNumber email birthDate
Exctract of my fetching script is the following:
const profile = {
user_id: bodyParsed.sub,
phone_number: “+” + bodyParsed.phone_number,
birthdate: bodyParsed.birthdate,
Doesnt work with “phonenumber” in the profile script, nor “phoneNumber”.

Do you know how, Håkon?

Thanks regardless.