Passwordless OTP endpoint is returning Extensibility error

I am trying to utilize the passwordless feature by making a POST request to /passwordless/start. This is the body I’m passing

“authParams”: {
“scope”: “remove-authenticators”


I’m getting the following error,
“error”: “extensibility_error”,
“error_description”: “Extensibility error”

I have made the grant type has Passwordless OTP. I’ve also tried setting connection to email and passing the email in the body and that did’t work either. Can somebody please help me with this?

Hi @abhayathapa ,

The extensibility_error is usually due to an uncaught error in rules, hooks, or actions. What happens if you switch off all rules/hooks/actions, does the same error happen?


I’ve turned off Rues and there are no hooks. How do I turn off Actions? I only see a delete option but no disable option.