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Passwordless "no email or no verification_code provided"

I have an Angular 5 web application that uses passwordless authentication with the Universal Login. Just yesterday the login process quit working and is throwing an Access Denied - no email or no verification_code provided error. We’ve made no changes to our application in about a two months so what could have changed to make this suddenly quit working?

Side note, I downloaded the sample code from the Quick Start which enters your application information automatically. I changed authorize command to this.auth0.authorize({prompt:‘login’}); and now get the same error there as well.

I’m also getting a similar issue when calling the Authorize endpoint with prompt=login on all of my tenants. I’ve changed no configuration or code.

Is there an issue with this at the moment ?

Can anyone advise ?

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Hey there @anjam.tahir and @tcarter!

This issue has been reported by a few of our other users here:

We’re investigating the issue currently. Please refer to the topic above as we want to keep all the info there for better communication! Thanks a lot!