Passwordless login with custom style


I need to make a custom login page with passwordless login (email + link). What I mean is this page should be splitted in half. On one half will be an image and on the other half passwordless login form.

I saw lots of similar topics here and googled a lot but no success. Might be I’m not smart enough. Can you me with that?

As far as I understand I should:

  • Use Classic Universal Login
  • Select Custom Login form template
  • Do something with it so that it starts to work with passwordless login (email + link)
    Is that correct? What should I change in that template to make it work with passwordless login?

At the moment I tried Lock (passwordless) template but I don’t understand how to make deep style customization because I don’t see the html markup…so I’m trying to find a solution.

Just in case I’m trying to build a React SPA.