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Passwordless Auth0 Lock - additional signup fields

Hello, we have a requirement to ask user for their name when they sign up using passwordless. I noticed from this post that Auth0LockPasswordless does not support additionalSignUpFields. I have some questions regarding this:

  • Is there a plan for Auth0LockPasswordless to support this? If so, what’s the ETA?
  • If not, what are the best options for implementing this within the same form, without having to redirect the user to another page?


Hey there @xcdev!

Unfortunately we don’t have plans to support it but I encourage you to place such feedback directly for our product team providing appropriate context why you think such feature will be helpful. Here’s our feedback site:

When it comes to your other question redirecting the user to another page is probably not the best UI move but it’s for UX purposes and strictly for security reasons. If you can share with me the whole context around you’re usecase I potentially will be able to suggest what parts of our stack you can use!

Hi Konrad,

We have a React native app and are currently using Universal login. We would like to make use of passwordless login/signup but would also like to collect the user’s first name and last name when they sign up. From a UX perspective, we want to keep those fields on the same page instead of redirecting the user just to ask them again for more required info - first and last name. May I know what else you need to know re: context?

@konrad.sopala Hey,
a year after this original post-
is additionalSignUpFields still not supported for Auth0LockPasswordless?
I didnt find any note about it on the docs of Lock.

Hey there @guy1812!

Not sure about that let me check! I know it’s hard truth but even after a year the request might not be implemented if not enough people requested it while other feature was heavily requested. Let me check and get back to you shortly!

I want to update about this one.
If somebody else is implementing:
Universal login + passwordless + wants to pass extra values from his code to the login.

Indeed saving it on ** additionalSignUpFields** will not save it to “user_metadata” as written on the docs (because it is passwordless - I think you should update it on the docs).
But - there is a solution if all you want is to pass data (not displaying extra fields, just passing extra data).
Even though it is not saved to the user_metadata, inside a signin rule, you can look at the context variable. there inside context.request.params you can find every param you passed from your code when calling /authorize, and params you push to the options field when using Auth0LockPasswordless on the universal login.

From there you can save this data to the user_metadat, or into the id_token (so it will be retrieved when responding to user auth inside the id_token jwt).
It took me a while, can be cool if Auh0 can document it.

Thanks for sharing that! I will relay that feedback to our docs team.

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Already submitted it so it’s in their hands now.