Passwordless and app_metadata?

As far as I can tell, there’s no way to attach app_metadata to users if I’m using the passwordless flow (email in particular) for signups. Can anyone confirm that is true? I’m using the auth0-js npm module. It would be immensely useful to be able to do this…


Hi there @heidi, I wanted to reach out to you in regards to leveraging app_metadata to users via email and find out what you desired effect is? Below I have linked a doc that dives into email passwordless authentication that allows you to use a number of parameters. I have included a list of them below but if I am misunderstanding your desired effect please let me know.

Exposed Parameter Description
code the password to use
link the magic link the name of the application name where the user is signing up
request_language the requested language for the message content
operation equals change_email when the template is triggered by an update to a user’s email via the API, otherwise null

I was hoping to be able to pass through information that is about our app. For context, we are using the magic link flow. That means they open up a tab for our app, enter their email, and send themselves a magic link. When they click the magic link it opens up a new tab. I would like to connect the first tab session with the second tab session without using cookies or localStorage and was hoping to pass that info through Auth0 instead of building it into my own back-end system.

Just to confirm, you want the first tab to populate with the corresponding data after a successful magic link selection? If you refresh the initial tab it should populate the desired dataset but there isn’t a preferred way to accomplish it natively. Leveraging a backend or another storage system may bring the desired effect as well.

Not exactly, but that’s okay. I ended up building my own API to do it. Thanks anyway.

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Sounds good @heidi. Make sure to swing by if you have any additional questions in the future!

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