Passwordless access to salesforce using auth0

I’m a brand new auth0 (signed up for a trial yesterday) and I’m fumbling through the docs trying to understand how to accomplish this:
I would like to implement a passwordless login for Salesforce Community users in a mobile app (iOS and Android). The passwordless link could be a Universal Link taking the user into the mobile app and authenticating them automatically.

I’m struggling with the documentation, particularly what is available in the v1 API (which appears not to be available to new users, such as the delegation endpoint) vs. the new v2 API and authentication flow. For example, some of the docs seem to say that what I’m trying to accomplish is no longer possible with the new auth0 API.

So my questions:

  1. Is what I’m trying to do possible with the new auth0 api?
  2. Are there any good blog posts or help article that describe how to do some of these pieces with the new auth0 api?