Password sync with AD/LDAP

Trying to setup an AD/LDAP connector so that authentication happens on my AD. Just wanted to know few things :

  1. Documents say that only outbound requests flow through port 443 but what about the authentication requests. On which port do they come in? 443 as well?
  2. Will newly set passwords synchronize between Auth0 and my LDAP server or Do I need to directly change it in LDAP alone.

My thought is use ADFS 3 for authentication, you can point it at the LDAP server as a user and authentication repository. If you can’t get your apps to use adfs for their authentication point then your next best move is to actually create the users in AD and then recreate them in ADLDS as proxyuser objects.

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Thanks a lot for sharing that knowledge @ruthjoan481!

Thanks ruthjoan481. We will go with proxy user objects.